What are Apple`s long-term prospects without Steve Jobs?

Historically, a successor after the great king faced tremendous difficulties in ruling their empire. Expectations after the great king soars high which cannot be achieved through just normal successor. And this rule also applied to the Apple empire. After the great Jobs, Tim Cook, who was the Chief Operating Officer succeeded the empire. Actually, he is great in dealing with distribution system and supply chain. With high tech, he efficiently lowers the Apple`s product unit costs. But the problem is ‘Is it enough to sustain the Apple`s position by devising efficient supply chain?’ And the answer is definitely no. And so, how can it be possible to sustain the Apple`s long-term prospects without Steve Jobs?

                  Apple having made their profit by two ways. First, they upgraded each model by 18-24 months. For example, iPhone upgraded every 18-24 months from the January 2007 IPhone1 to now iPhone 5s. Second, they developed entirely a new model. So they released from Apple1 to now IPad4. According to the Product`s Life Cycle model, Apple sustained its whole profit by introducing new version and new models to stabilize its sales unit.

And after Jobs, the problem lies not in the new version, but the ‘New model’. Apple`s vision ‘Build an enduring company where people were motivated to make great products. Everything else was secondary’[1] is too simple to follow but too difficult to achieve that any other company like Samsung and HTC failed to achieve. Neither I nor anyone know what will be the next product for Apple. But here is some criteria in accordance with the Apple`s vision. First, they have to keep in mind that they didn`t make what the customers want. They figured out what they`re going to want before they do. Second, they made the product which is deeply differentiated with any other products. And Apple`s customers, thankfully accept it without complaining its high price.

                  For now, It seemed Tim Cook`s ruling is acceptable. But the decline period soon will come without introducing new product. So he must be ready to fight with the new weapon.

[1] Isaacson, Steve Jobs, p.567.